I have had so many experiences with “laying it down” or “letting it go” these days, I figured it only made sense to have that be the subject of my first blog. 

Whoever says they are not affected by the economy is not telling you the truth.  I know recently so many of us have had so much that we were closely holding onto taken away…that Christmas vacation we were going to take…the new wardrobe we were going to buy…the important appointment that got cancelled due to the weather…and the list goes on.  Well, what if we were to lay these things down, let them go, before they were taken away from us, what would happen?

Let me share with you a story of something that recently happened to me after I let something (a dream near and dear to my heart) go and laid it down:

In the last 12 months I have acted as my brother, Gibran’s, Press Agent.  I wore the Press Agent hat very seriously. I surrounded myself with all the tools necessary to do the best job and spent time learning how to use these tools effectively.  The long hours and focused effort helped me become an “expert” in the area of the media.  Gibran and I began to recognize details that allowed us to attract the attention we were targeting, which resulted in having Gibran appear in many major national media outlets (including TV, Radio and print). 

I was so excited about the results we were seeing.  I began to talk to Gibran and others about the possibility of releasing my own program to our CMPS members through which I would train them and offer my services as a Press Agent.

Then, as time went on, it became clear that it was not the time to release the program I’d envisioned.  I began to feel that every time I would bring up the idea, I was hitting brick walls.  Needless to say, this frustrated me. 

Then, I decided to take a different approach.  I decided to give my dream of creating this program into Hands that could actually make the dream come true.  I prayed to my Heavenly Father telling Him this dream was something I was passionate about, something I knew I could do well, but that it was only in His Hands, His time that it would happen.  I finally just laid it at His feet. 

This didn’t stop me from working hard in this area or the other areas I was responsible over.  Then, a funny thing happened.  After that moment on my knees, and after opening my heart by providing value in other areas of my life and business I was responsible over, unexpected doors started opening up to fulfill that dream. 

Details are not important here, suffice it to say that day by day one thing or another would happen that I could only say were things “preparing the way” for my dream to become reality!

Remember, now, before that moment on my knees, I was hitting brick walls.  Now, though, people were asking Gibran and me so many questions about how Gibran was getting in the media, what we were doing that was giving us these results and requesting that we do the same thing for them.  Remember my dream?  I wanted to train others and help them as their Press Agent.  These questions and requests were the building blocks that God was using to prepare the path for my dream to become a reality.

As an example, one day, we were hosting two attorneys at our home for lunch and, among the many conversations we had, the subject of Gibran getting in the media came up.  They wanted to know the path we took to net the outcome.  One thing led to another and one of the attorneys looked at me and said, “You should offer that same path to attorneys, I know I would definitely sign up.”  I laughed.  He looked at me again and said, “No, I’m serious. You should come up with a ‘how to get in the media’ program and become a press agent to many. I would sign up for that in a heartbeat.” He looked at the other attorney and said, “You would too, wouldn’t you?  I mean, this is definitely something attorneys could use.”   The other attorney said, “Yes, absolutely!”  I was so floored, I didn’t say a word, just nodded my head…

Another example is one of our CMPS Faculty members saw the results Gibran was getting through our efforts with the media and asked me to just help him with a couple of his own press releases.  I did, by using the skills and systems I’d built and pretty soon he was in the major local and national media outlets he was targeting…

See, God, my Father, my Friend, the One who knows the dreams of my heart and longs to fulfill them above and beyond anything I could ask or think, showed me in that moment that He had an even larger dream for me than simply being a Press Agent to my CMPS members…a whole world of being an agent to others was now open…a whole new business opportunity…a whole new way for me to influence others. 

This is what happens when you lay your dreams in the Hands of He who is capable, oh so capable, of turning them into a reality larger and more beautiful than what you’d even dreamt of.


To see “Phase 1″ (initial release to just our CMPS members) of this dream’s release, click here: http://www.cmpsinstitute.org/email_templates/media_exposure.html 

Phase 2, where I will be acting as a Press Agent to any professional who has a message she/he wants to get out to the media, will have its own web page shortly.  However, if you are interested in signing up for this program now, please email me at: josephine@cmpsinstitute.org or joseanna1982@yahoo.com.

Until next time and in His Love,