I play piano; however, I don’t play “traditionally”. For the right hand notes, I read the notes on the sheet music; but, for the left hand notes, my head (and heart) automatically match up the appropriate chord that coincides with what the right hand is playing.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with a “chord”, it’s “a combination of three or more pitches [notes] sounded simultaneously”. I’ve never learned the left hand notes, I just let my heart lead me on which combination of notes sound best with what the right hand is playing…which is why so many people say I play emotionally.


Sometimes, my left hand will play all three notes of a chord at once and sometimes my heart will tell my hand to play a “rolling chord” (this is where you play around with the three notes in a rolling fashion); still, other times, I’ll just play one or two of those notes at a time…It all depends on what my brain and heart (mostly my heart) tell me would be the best sound for that moment.  I do the same with the right hand notes…I will sometimes only play the one note of the “melody” (in plain English, that’s the note you sing) and sometimes I mix it up – adding other notes to the main “melody”…Once, a Master Concert Pianist who studied under one of the most qualified Russian Maestros of her time heard me play and she was speechless, asking me to show her what I was doing because the raw emotion and technique so touched her.


Each chord has a name – e.g. the “G” chord, the “B flat” chord, etc…so, it stands to reason that each time you play a particular chord, the note that the chord is named after ought to be played, right? Well, the fact is, that’s not always the case…and therein lies the point of my post – it wasn’t to educate you on music, in case you were wondering. : )


The other day, as I was pouring my heart out playing the piano, a thought struck me – life is like playing the piano. 


As the master of the piano, I was choosing which notes I would put together to make the best sound…and though, by virtue of which chord I was playing, all signs pointed to my playing certain keys at certain times, my brain/heart told me otherwise, and I played what would make the most pleasant and complete musical sound at that moment. For example, even though I was playing the “G” chord, there were moments I would not throw the “G” note into my playing…yet, other times I did.  Each time I did one or the other, I was making a split second decision on what would ultimately express the most beautiful sounding music.  I was using the instrument underneath my hands to make a lovely sound; even though at times what I played didn’t necessarily make sense, technically speaking. 


I realized then and there that real life is a lot like playing the piano…We are the piano and God is the Master Pianist.  As he strums His instrument (us), He chooses which notes to play in order to create the most beautiful sounding, harmonious piece of music that we – or anyone around us – has ever heard…Sometimes He’ll add a “key” note in the chord (a person, thing, place, circumstance); yet, sometimes, that “key” note which we feel the “chord” can’t live without is taken away…it’s those times we think “it only makes sense” that the chord is played with that “key” note it’s been named after, why did He take it away?  Yet, it’s that moment when He looks at us with a loving heart and says, “No, that ‘key’, though seemingly important, is not what’s going to make the most stunning music masterpiece at this moment in your life”. As The Master Pianist plays those notes in our lives – as He gives and takes away those notes at any given time – let us remember that in the end, through our lives, He is making the most beautiful music we could ever imagine.