I’m not the world’s greatest poet…nor have I ever really enjoyed reading poetry. Okay, okay, don’t look at me like that – because, lately, I’ve been gravitating towards reading poetry in order to develop the artistic side of myself…and I have learned to truly enjoy it in all its forms.


Gibran Khalil Gibran, renowned Lebanese poet has become one of my favorite writers…You’ve probably come across some of his famous writings, including The Prophet and Broken Wings.


Most recently, I was reading a letter he wrote three years before his death and was taken back that the words in this letter were written years after he’d published some of his most treasured works, like The Prophet.


I copied the below directly from his letter:


“…Then, I return to myself and remember that there is one word I must say before I depart…No, I have not said my word yet, and nothing but smoke has come out from this light…If I don’t depart before I spell and pronounce my word, I will return to say the word which is now hanging like a cloud in the sky of my heart…”


“…Why did I write all those articles and stories? I was born to live and suffer and to say one living and winged word, and I cannot remain silent until Life utters that word through my lips….However, my word is still in my heart, and it is a living and winged word which I must utter…”

Did you catch that? Gibran Khalil Gibran was saying that he still had a “word” within him. We don’t know what this “word” is – yet, Gibran regretted not communicating it to the rest of the world…Please realize he still felt that way despite the fact that he’d already given so many beautiful “words” to the world.


I started thinking to myself, “If this man, who wrote such beautiful writings all of his life, feels so strongly at this point in his life that he had something within him…something he hadn’t yet communicated to the world…where does that leave me? What is on my heart…inside my soul…that I’ve been uniquely given and called to say…that I haven’t yet said to the world?”


I challenge you with the same question…What is that “word” within you that needs to come out to the world…or even to an individual person?  You know it’s there – maybe it’s always been there – and now is the time to let the world, or that person, see, hear or read it…I encourage you to write a poem, start a blog, give a speech, make that phone call…whatever it is you need to do, just let that “word” come out, so that you don’t lie on your deathbed regretting that you never did.


Until the next time,