In part one I talked about how we clearly need to get out of our boat before we can walk on the water.  Now, in part two, I’ll talk about the question that inevitably burns through us, “What happens if our ‘buddies’ don’t want to get out of the boat with us?”


To answer this question, let’s go back to the story; Peter wasn’t the only one in the boat that day.  Remember, his buddies were in the boat with him?  In fact, there were at least 11 people who stayed on the boat that day while they watched their friend walk on water


These weren’t just any old “11 people”, these were people Peter was very intimate with, his closest friends; yet, Peter himself was the only one who got out of the boat that day and walked on water.


I wonder how Peter must have felt that day.


I wonder if you ever looked with longing at the water that you wanted to walk on, then turned around and looked at your friends who are comfortable in the boat beside you; and I wonder if, in that moment, you longed for them to go water walking with you?


I wonder if you’ve felt hurt, sadness, or even anger at your friends, because they wouldn’t go water walking with you? 


I wonder if you’ve ever maybe even debated whether or not to walk on the water if your friends weren’t going to join you?


I wonder if when you have walked on the water, upon returning to the boat, have you ever wanted to look at your friends and say, “Come on, let’s go back out there, I’ll walk on the water with you – I mean, if I did it, anyone can!  Take my hand, we’ll do it together, let’s go.”  I also wonder if you’ve known in that moment that you can’t say that to them – because, if they really believed they could walk on the water, or even wanted to walk on the water, they would have done so in the first place. 


Do you wonder how I could possibly know you’ve felt these things?  Well, I know, because I’ve been there, done that.  I’ve felt all those feelings and I’ve been at the crossroads of my life where I had the choice to walk on the water myself or stay behind in whatever comfort zone I was in with my “buddies”…I will tell you, without a doubt, that I will always cherish those moments in my life when I stepped out of the boat, despite the fact that, many of those times, friends didn’t go water walking with me.


Trust me, it’s these pivotal moments in time that will change the course of your life forever and in the most positive ways you can imagine.


I’ll end this by saying that I highly encourage you to take the “water walking” scenarios you are facing in your own life now and go, walk on the water!  Walk on the water, despite the fact that in that moment it may be just you, while your friends stay in the comfort of their boats.  It’s worth it, trust me, and you’ll never be the same.