“Business etiquette is a lost art,” says Josephine Nicholas, PR Agent with Insert Catchy Headlines, and a certified Business Protocol and Etiquette instructor based out of Ann Arbor, MI. “All the business buzz words flying around like the birds in the Spring cannot make up for a lack of tact, professionalism, and consideration.”

“How many business ‘networking’ events have we all been to where you’ve had a business card shoved in your face, or an individual not shaking your hand, due to the ever present ‘too much food and drink in my hands syndrome’, or an individual there who looks like they just came from their workout, or numerous other faux pas? Gone are the days of common courtesy in a business forum, and ushered in are the days of an in your face type of carelessness about behavior, style, and interaction,” says Josephine.

Josephine is on a mission – in her city and across the nation – to bring the balance to a business world caught up in itself, and she’s doing so with class.

“Networking isn’t about the food, how many cards you pass out, or even how many people you meet. It’s about you going up to the woman in the corner who is standing like the wallflower at prom, and introducing her to the right people in the room,” says Josephine. “Conducting a seminar on a social media dressed as if you didn’t care about your appearance and telling obnoxious jokes isn’t going to gain you new friends in the ‘cool circle’ – conducting that seminar looking like you respect ourself and your audience, nailing the subject matter on the head, and paying close attention to the audience’s questions, these are the things that earn you a seat at the table.”

About Josephine Nicholas: Josephine Nicholas is a certified Corporate Protocol and Etiquette instructor, and owns her own PR Agency, Insert Catchy Headlines, based in Ann Arbor, MI. Josephine offers a comprehensive array of services to handle the diverse PR needs of her clients. Her clients have appeared regularly as local and national media experts. Josephine often speaks professionally to large and small audiences on the topics of media relations, publicity, how to brand yourself through media exposure, and business etiquette and protocol. Josephine is passionate about giving back to others, and, together with siblings Jaad and Jihan, runs Parties with a Purpose (PWAP). After a long, hard day at work, Josephine uses baking, playing piano, and dancing as her stress-relief outlets. Josephine can be reached at Josephine also writes a blog, which you can read by clicking here.


Have you ever seen yourself reflected in someone else; like you’re looking at yourself in a mirror?

The other day, I was at a church to attend a 40 day mass and I saw myself reflected in the eyes of a little girl who was staring at me.

This little girl of 8 or 9 kept looking at me from her pew; she was watching my every move, and, in that moment, I flashed back to being a little girl myself – to all the thoughts running through my head when I would sit in my pew, with my cute little Princess dresses, and observe women in church who were in their 20s. I remember my little girl self thinking, “I want to look like that girl…be like that when I get to be their age,” and, “Wow, they’re so pretty – am I going to be that pretty when I grow up; they’re so calm, collected, and cool – I mean, just look at that suit, that dress, that makeup, they’re all put together so well, will I be like them?”

I also remember looking at my Mamma and thinking – “will I ever be that beautiful, that perfect – will I ever accomplish even half as much as all she has?”

Seeing my little girl self in the eyes of that child that Sunday caused so many thoughts to go through my head; and, upon returning home, I sat alone and asked myself if I am now that woman that I wanted to be when I was 8.

I asked myself questions like – what dreams did I have back then that I have fulfilled, and what dreams have I yet to accomplish? Am I as steady, sure, and confident inside as I may have looked to that little girl (and, as those women looked to me at that age so long ago?) Am I even half the woman my mom is…have I achieved even half of what she has…am I at least on the path that would lead me to the same honorable achievements?

Yes, there is definitely something about seeing a reflecting pool through the eyes of a child that causes you to contemplate and evaluate your life differently.

For me, the answers to some of the above questions are really personal.

What are your answers? Are you fulfilling the dreams, ambitions, and aspirations you had as a child? Who did you want to look like when you grew up, and, are you looking like that hero…and, are you living a life that is allowing you to be other people’s hero?

I have achieved so many things in my life, yet I have so many dreams and hopes that I still want to realize – so many experiences left in my pathway. I look forward to doing things now and in the future in order to see these things come to fruition.

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There have been many new and exciting developments with Insert Catchy Headlines, my PR Agency. Thanking God each step of the way – His favor blows me away.  I am enjoying the challenges and beauty of working hard while living the dream.

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I’ll be speaking for the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Seminar Series on July 13:

My siblings, family and I featured in Crain’s Detroit Business Article: or

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I’ve had many memorable experiences throughout my travels across the world. One particular memory always makes me laugh.

It was a couple years ago, I was with my family at one of our CMPS Live! Events.

We generally host our events at hotels and our attendees rent rooms at the same hotel.  To show their appreciation to us for the business we give them, the hotels generally give our family three hotel suites at the same price of a normal sleeping room.  The suites are normally each on a different floor and we always gather in one suite at the end of each day to recap the day’s happenings. 

The particular night of my story, we had decided to meet in my parents’ suite.  I informed everyone I was going to run to my room, change to my pajamas, and then meet them in my parents’ suite. Everyone else continued on to my parents’ room.

When we know we’re gathering, it’s customary for us to leave the bolt on the hotel room door open, in order to block the door from closing.  Then, when the last person enters the room, they shut the door completely and lock the door. This way, we don’t have to constantly get up to open the door for everyone who comes to the room.

It was a long day, so, after getting into my pajamas, I took my time walking down the hotel’s fifth floor hallway, where my parent’s suite was located.

Upon finding my parent’s room, with the door open as always, I walked in with my head bent in thought.  As I entered the room, I turned around, faced the door, shut it, locked the bolt on the door – and turned around towards the room to find I was smiling at a middle aged man whom I didn’t know.  This man was on the bed, reading.  I quickly realized this was not my parents’ room and I had entered the wrong room!

The man on the bed looked up at me, with his reading glasses halfway down his nose, and didn’t say a word.  I immediately started walking backwards, towards the door, repeatedly saying, “I’m so sorry, wrong room…so, so sorry sir…I’m so sorry…” I reached behind me, while still facing him, and unbolted the door; I then opened the door, backed out slowly, never stopping my constant babbling of, “I’m so sorry, sir.”  The man on the bed never said a word, just kept staring at me, shocked and flabbergasted by me, the crazy lady, walking into his room uninvited. I just kept backing out, until – finally – I was out of there; leaving the bolt open just as it was prior to my entrance.

Needless to say, I’ve never lived down that situation. 

Whenever I tell this story, I think to myself how much that situation is such an analogy to my life.  Let me tell you how…

In many instances throughout my business and personal life, I have entered “rooms” (places, situations, relationships) that I don’t belong in, simply because all the signs pointed to the fact that it was the correct room.  I have literally entered “rooms” and then later realized I didn’t belong there, because I was not paying full attention to where I was and into what room I was entering.  Can you relate to that?

I’ve also considered that my entering a wrong room on occasion has not only affected me, but has also affected the others who are watching me enter the room – or even those in the room.  For example, I later found out this man in the room was married with three children – well, imagine the reaction of his wife if she had seen me entering or exiting that room in my pajamas!  How have I affected others by entering or exiting an area where I didn’t belong in the first place?

What about the reasons I entered that room?  My reasons weren’t fundamentally wrong; I mean, I wasn’t purposely trying to enter an area where I didn’t belong.  However, it was a long day, and I had let my defenses down, becoming quite relaxed. I think I oftentimes enter into a situation where I don’t belong – not because I am purposely trying to do something wrong, but because my defenses are down.  I sometimes think I’m in a safe spot, or that I’m in complete control of myself and my situation – when, in reality, I am just about to enter the “wrong room”. Can you relate to that?

If you can relate to these things, then, next time you’re ready to enter into a situation or “room”, remember to check yourself – make sure it’s the right room, a place where you know you belong.

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I’ve updated my Press Releases Page ( with my latest press releases for Published Daily and Party with a Purpose for Lebanon.


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I just added a new page on my blog titled “Press Releases”; this is where I’ll upload Press Releases I send out that I think you’ll find interesting.  Check it out on the following link:


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We are getting a lot of positive responses from the media about our PWAP for Gaza Benefit Party!


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