“Business etiquette is a lost art,” says Josephine Nicholas, PR Agent with Insert Catchy Headlines, and a certified Business Protocol and Etiquette instructor based out of Ann Arbor, MI. “All the business buzz words flying around like the birds in the Spring cannot make up for a lack of tact, professionalism, and consideration.”

“How many business ‘networking’ events have we all been to where you’ve had a business card shoved in your face, or an individual not shaking your hand, due to the ever present ‘too much food and drink in my hands syndrome’, or an individual there who looks like they just came from their workout, or numerous other faux pas? Gone are the days of common courtesy in a business forum, and ushered in are the days of an in your face type of carelessness about behavior, style, and interaction,” says Josephine.

Josephine is on a mission – in her city and across the nation – to bring the balance to a business world caught up in itself, and she’s doing so with class.

“Networking isn’t about the food, how many cards you pass out, or even how many people you meet. It’s about you going up to the woman in the corner who is standing like the wallflower at prom, and introducing her to the right people in the room,” says Josephine. “Conducting a seminar on a social media dressed as if you didn’t care about your appearance and telling obnoxious jokes isn’t going to gain you new friends in the ‘cool circle’ – conducting that seminar looking like you respect ourself and your audience, nailing the subject matter on the head, and paying close attention to the audience’s questions, these are the things that earn you a seat at the table.”

About Josephine Nicholas: Josephine Nicholas is a certified Corporate Protocol and Etiquette instructor, and owns her own PR Agency, Insert Catchy Headlines, based in Ann Arbor, MI. Josephine offers a comprehensive array of services to handle the diverse PR needs of her clients. Her clients have appeared regularly as local and national media experts. Josephine often speaks professionally to large and small audiences on the topics of media relations, publicity, how to brand yourself through media exposure, and business etiquette and protocol. Josephine is passionate about giving back to others, and, together with siblings Jaad and Jihan, runs Parties with a Purpose (PWAP). After a long, hard day at work, Josephine uses baking, playing piano, and dancing as her stress-relief outlets. Josephine can be reached at josephine@icheadlines.com. Josephine also writes a blog, which you can read by clicking here.