Have you ever seen yourself reflected in someone else; like you’re looking at yourself in a mirror?

The other day, I was at a church to attend a 40 day mass and I saw myself reflected in the eyes of a little girl who was staring at me.

This little girl of 8 or 9 kept looking at me from her pew; she was watching my every move, and, in that moment, I flashed back to being a little girl myself – to all the thoughts running through my head when I would sit in my pew, with my cute little Princess dresses, and observe women in church who were in their 20s. I remember my little girl self thinking, “I want to look like that girl…be like that when I get to be their age,” and, “Wow, they’re so pretty – am I going to be that pretty when I grow up; they’re so calm, collected, and cool – I mean, just look at that suit, that dress, that makeup, they’re all put together so well, will I be like them?”

I also remember looking at my Mamma and thinking – “will I ever be that beautiful, that perfect – will I ever accomplish even half as much as all she has?”

Seeing my little girl self in the eyes of that child that Sunday caused so many thoughts to go through my head; and, upon returning home, I sat alone and asked myself if I am now that woman that I wanted to be when I was 8.

I asked myself questions like – what dreams did I have back then that I have fulfilled, and what dreams have I yet to accomplish? Am I as steady, sure, and confident inside as I may have looked to that little girl (and, as those women looked to me at that age so long ago?) Am I even half the woman my mom is…have I achieved even half of what she has…am I at least on the path that would lead me to the same honorable achievements?

Yes, there is definitely something about seeing a reflecting pool through the eyes of a child that causes you to contemplate and evaluate your life differently.

For me, the answers to some of the above questions are really personal.

What are your answers? Are you fulfilling the dreams, ambitions, and aspirations you had as a child? Who did you want to look like when you grew up, and, are you looking like that hero…and, are you living a life that is allowing you to be other people’s hero?

I have achieved so many things in my life, yet I have so many dreams and hopes that I still want to realize – so many experiences left in my pathway. I look forward to doing things now and in the future in order to see these things come to fruition.

Until next time,