This was a week of unintentional but wonderful reconnecting for me – I called a woman I respect in the community and reconnected with her; I called a friend I met a few months ago and reconnected with her; I reconnected with a couple family members I don’t often talk to; I reconnected with a business acquaintance and had a wonderful visit over coffee; and, I am currently on the plane to TX to reconnect with a friend who is suffering from cancer at 26. Each of these encounters taught me something that I’d like to share with you.

Reconnecting gives you opportunities to touch people you wouldn’t otherwise come across:

The call to the woman I respect (my friend and business associate, Deb) in the community was made because our Party with a Purpose (PWAP) team is looking for our next children’s charity to sponsor; our vision with our next PWAP is to sponsor a very local charity, by looking at those in real need in our own backyard. Deb works for a local non-profit, and is connected with several others in the community; she was able to help me in my quest to find local children who were in need of help.

Reconnecting with her netted not only the connections I was looking for, but a wonderful conversation updating each other on our lives since the last time we spoke. Additionally, we not only enjoyed catching up on each other’s lives, but we inspired each other by our mutual pursuits of something greater than ourselves.

The next time you are looking for a way to touch someone’s life, look at the people you haven’t reached out to in a while – reconnect with them and learn new ways to help a cause greater than yourself.

Reconnecting gives others the opportunity to touch your life in a positive way:

I have a dance performance coming up December 3 (where I’ll be performing in two pieces for the show); and, my dance company PR client has two dance shows coming up. I met a wonderful woman, Deanna, earlier this year who is a dance instructor and has been dancing since she was little. I know she’ll enjoy these upcoming dance performances, so I picked up the phone and called her – under the auspices of telling her about the shows. What happened next blew me away – Deanna picked up the phone and said she couldn’t believe I’d called because she had just been thinking about me that very morning. She told me I was on her heart and in her prayers for the past few days and was hoping for a way to reconnect with me.

Deanna began to share things with me, and speak words of encouragement to me, in ways that she couldn’t have possibly known I needed. The things she told me in that conversation spoke into my heart and life, and really lifted me up.

The next time you feel that nudge to contact someone, take action on that feeling – you never know if you are on their heart/mind at that same moment and if they are going to move you in a way you can’t even imagine right now.

Reconnecting grounds you:

I reconnected with family members this week that I don’t often speak with – this is grounding in a way that is hard to explain but very real to me. There are people you are connected with in this life that are put in your life for very specific reasons – and, they are there to help keep you grounded in reality, in love, in life, in your roots, in who you are, in where you came from, and in a myriad of other things imperative to you being grounded in a healthy way.

Don’t ever miss the opportunity to reconnect with those people (and even places, sometimes) and allow them to help ground you.

Reconnecting helps people see you as real and may gain you some new business:

I met a wonderful business man, Greg, a few months ago; in fact, not only did I meet him, but when I joined the Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti Chamber of Commerce, he came to my office as their ambassador and welcomed me. We would see each other at different functions around town, and always said we would sit down over coffee; well, we did so this week and boy what a wonderful visit that was. Not only did we “talk shop”, but we talked about those we love the most – his wife daughter, and daughter-on-the-way, and my siblings and parents. We saw each other as not only the professional business people we saw each other as around town, but as real people, real “folk”, living life, and making the best of it all. I will more likely do business/refer business to Greg after this conversation than another business person who may be in his line of work, because I now know what motivates and drives Greg and that builds trust between us.

The next time you are thinking of working with someone that you know as a business acquaintance, do both you and them a favor, and reconnect on a both a personal and professional level – you won’t regret it.

Reconnecting touches lives you are not even aware of:

My friend, Danny, in TX has been suffering from cancer since the beginning of this year, but is on an amazing journey on his life through this (check out his blog on this link) and he is positively influencing so many people by the way he is handling this part of his path. There’s a group of friends that know and love Danny that stay apprised of his journey through communication and some have visited him in TX. My brother and I are currently on a plane to visit him, we haven’t seen him in a couple years – and, as I have mentioned this trip to a couple people the past few days, I am blown away by how many people have been touched by us going to see him, and have asked to learn more about Danny’s journey. Not only that – but, many others I don’t even know will now be praying for and supporting Danny in his journey due to this trip; I’ve had people who I don’t know reach out to me saying they heard about our trip and asked what they can do to help Danny.

It is amazing how many lives can be touched by the simple act of reconnecting; if there is someone you know who is suffering, and there is even something little you can do to reconnect with them, do it – and, see what wonderful things come of your action.

I’ll post this when we land, and, until next time,